Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Yngwie Malmsteen / Burning Heat at the Plaza Live in Orlando, FL 05-24-2013

What a great concert! I had never seen Yngwie in concert and had no idea what to expect.

First off we got New Yorkers Martyrd as an opener. Very interesting interesting young band but they definitely need a little more experience. Maybe the fact that the guy running house lights was asleep didn't help with enjoying this band. The house lights were on for practically their whole set! Bummer.

Next we had guitar prodigy Ethan Brosh and his band Burning Heat. Another very interesting band. Considering that Ethan is known for his excellent guitar playing and his instrumental music, I was expecting a little more flash from him. I quickly realized that was not the point of this band. This is a ROCK band! Excellent tunes and very good crowd reception.

Yngwie totally rocked the house next! Like I said earlier, I had no idea what to expect. I thought I would grow tired of all the arpeggios about midway through the show... but no, I was captivated for the whole thing. Yngwie still does the kicks, the twirls, throwing guitars in the air etc. He played a bunch of classic tunes (Far Beyond the Sun, Rising Force, Heaven Tonight) and some new ones from his latest iTunes exclusive release "Spellbound". Do yourself a favor and see Yngwie at least once if you never have. It's a total 80s throwback that you will enjoy!

The only downside to the show was all the shilling of products... I felt like it was witnessing a live infomercial. Products pushed were his latest release on iTunes (I had no problem with that though), his book, his new signature series guitar by Ovation, and his online guitar lessons. I understand that bands these days live and die through the sale of their products but please... have the products at the merch table and let me watch the show in peace!

Here are some pics of the show for you to enjoy... I was allowed to shoot Burning Heat only, so pardon the light amount of Yngwie pics.

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